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Creator2 Prototype

Multi-Ad Creator® version 6 is scheduled for release this Winter. This exciting new product from Multi-Ad Services, the leader in production-oriented design software, combines the speed and production capabilities of Creator with the feature set of Creator2™, without the limitations of QuickDraw GX. Developed on an all-new, platform independent code-base, Creator 6 takes advantage of hardware and software improvements on both Macintosh® and Windows® platforms.

We are currently registering users to beta test Creator 6. If you would like to register, please proceed to the Non Disclosure Agreement. Some of the new and improved features you’ll find in Multi-Ad Creator 6:

Productivity Enhancements

Backwards Compatibility
Creator v6 will open Creator (v.3.8 and above) documents and open Creator2 (v.1.5 and above) documents.

Export as JPEG and PDF No more switching to other programs to convert Creator documents to these two popular formats.

Leading Interface
In all places where leading fields appear, the fixed leading field appears first instead of following theauto-leading field.

Text Attributes Interface
A mouseless interface for adjusting variable text attributes has been added. No more fumbling through dialog boxes.

New Document Dialog
The New Document window incorporates the standard sizes database. The size database sub dialog box has been eliminated.

Keyboard Operated Tools Palette
Each tool has an assigned ‘hot-key’ enabling mouseless switching between all tools.

Swatch View in Colors Palette
View more colors on the palette without scrolling.

Document Size Handle
The popular Document Sizing Handle from Creator v4 has been added to version 6. Simply drag the handle to resize the entire ad.

New Color Item in Color Pop-up Menus
Add new colors from any color-related dialog box. The main color dialog is accessible from all color dialogs like Fill, Frame or Shadow.

Dual Save
Reintroduced from Creator, automatically save copies of your document in two locations to ease archiving and tracking functions, without hindering the production process.

Drawing Enhancements

Regular Polygon Tool
A regular polygon creation tool has been added. Regular polygons with three to ten sides and regular stars with from five to eight points are supported.

Operations for Combining Paths
Several new ways of generating new paths have been added, including the ability to produce a union of two paths, the intersection of two paths, exclude the intersection of two paths, and subtract one path from another.

Cubic Beziers
The path tool now produces industry standard, more precise cubic Beziers curves instead of the Creator2 quadratic bezier curves.
Text Enhancements

Text Enhancements

Vertical Text Alignment
Vertical alignment of text in a rectangular text block (top, bottom, center, justify, and full justify.)

Word Space
Word Space option from Creator has been reintroduced.

Underline Options
Two types of underline are now supported, standard Underline that underlines spaces, and Word Underline that does not.

First Line Baseline Factor
Control how tightly the first line of text of each text block will fit against the top of the block. The new Text Flow Settings dialog allows you to set the value for all the blocks in a text flow, and Document Settings lets you set the default value for new text flows.

System Software requirements

Mac OS 9 or later, including Mac OS X. Note that full Mac OS X compatibility and qualification will most likely come in a maintenance release shortly after the first commercial release of OS X (scheduled for release in January 2001).

Windows 98, NT 4.0, or 2000

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